More Doctors: Specialists receive training course focused on SUS | Minas Gerais

More Doctors: Specialists receive training course focused on SUS |  Minas Gerais

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Today is Monday (6) 3,436 doctors She participated in the inaugural edition of Mais Médicos in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and El Salvador. The course, both in-person and compulsory, is scheduled to end in December.

According to the Ministry of Health (MS). In the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, there are about 1,100 specialists who will participate over the next three weeks in training focused on the Unified Health System (SUS).

There are 3,430 Brazilians trained abroad (mostly from Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia) and six foreigners. Of this total, There are 483 doctors in 243 municipalities in Minas Gerais. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are 12.

Director of the Ministry of Primary Health Care Program at the Ministry of Health, Felipe Proenso spoke about the program.

“These doctors, trained abroad, go to the vacant positions not filled by doctors registered in Brazil. From then on, they develop their activities only in the field of family health in that municipality, with the possibility of staying for up to four years.” Why is this important? Is the period important? Because the average length of stay in family health care is 11 months. Thanks to the programme, we were able to extend it.”

The program aims to fill open positions on family health teams across the country. There are currently 52,000 family health teams in the country.

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