Moraes orders the arrest of an epileptic woman on January 8

Moraes orders the arrest of an epileptic woman on January 8

During the Lisa Patria stage, on Thursday 6, Federal Police (PF) Alice Dos Santos, 49, was arrested on January 8. She worked as a head iron in a studio in the federal capital. The woman has three children and a young granddaughter.

The order was implemented at the request of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Then 48 other people returned to prison, due to “fear of escape.”After the gate UOL Reporting of “outlaws” living in Argentina and Uruguay.

Arniceras, a Brazilian national who suffers from epilepsy, depression and anxiety, was sentenced to 14 years in prison on March 11. Because of these illnesses, Alice takes prescription medications. Without enough money to feed himself and pay his bills, he survives on the help of his relatives.

“She needs medicine to live,” said Sarah Lisboa, Alice’s daughter. the West. “Between Thursday and Friday, my mother was at the National Front. We carry medicines sealed and with prescriptions to make things easier. We imagine that these medicines did not reach her when they were transported to Colmia on Saturday.”

Sarah suspects that her mother had a seizure in prison. This is because Alice did not attend a video conference with the defense this morning, specifically to report on her health condition. Lawyer Juliana Nascimento was told that her client was at Colmia Medical Center at the time.

Judgment convicting the prisoner on January 8, who suffers from epilepsy

January 8 agreement
Demonstrators climb the stairs of the National Congress in protest against Lula’s government – 1/8/2023 | Photo: Marcelo Camargo/Agence Brasil

According to the lawyer, Alice was arrested before the guilty verdict was published. This step is necessary for the defense to provide resources.

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Furthermore, according to Juliana, Alice has been complying with the restrictive measures since she was granted temporary release, in March 2023.

“Since then, he has faithfully adhered to all measures imposed, including always attending CIME when the ankle bracelet presents a problem,” the defense said. “So much so that he had to change the device several times.”

Alice was arrested in the Senate on January 8, and claimed she went to the demonstration because she thought it would be peaceful; He was released after two months due to epilepsy.

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