Monza GP hopes to be an exception to F1’s military parade ban

Monza GP hopes to be an exception to F1's military parade ban

Formula 1 announced on January 20 that military air shows will be banned from pre-race times, with the new rule in effect for 2022 onwards. After granting the exemption to Silverstone in the UK, the Italian circuit is also hoping to obtain a free pass for its exhibitions.

Frecce Tricolore show on the Monza racetrack (clone / Monza International Racetrack)

The president of the Milan Automobile Club, Jeronimo La Rosa, Vallo to Ansa On the ban that will be imposed on the famous show by Frucci Tricolori, the acrobatic performance team of the Italian Air Force, at Monza:

– I hope that the intention to eliminate Frecce Tricolori’s performance in the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​withdrawn and that they eventually find a common solution so that spectators are not deprived of something that, in addition to the show, is a great appeal to national identity.

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The Formula 1 initiative has been justified by an attempt to reduce the environmental impact of its events, while still remaining committed to carbon neutrality by 2030. Some analytics, such as the Italian newspaper Corriere della SeraKeep in mind that the F1 movement will also sidestep a platform for displaying military forces from the countries hosting the category.

about it, In an official statementSilverstone’s managing director, Stuart Pringle, stated that the Red Arrows, of the RAF’s aerobatic team, are not military and can therefore continue:

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– The Red Arrows have played an important role in entertaining motorsport fans since their performance at the 1966 British Grand Prix, and I am happy to say that Formula 1 has confirmed that this beloved tradition can continue at Silverstone in 2022. Officially known as the Stunt Team affiliate The RAF is designated as military aviation and therefore does not fall into the category of exposures that would not be permitted at F1 events.

(Reproduction / Formula 1 official website)
View of a Gulf Air Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner over the Bahrain Expressway (reproduction / Formula 1 official website)

La Rossa also stated that “it is natural that sustainability will be one of the goals” of Formula 1 and the upcoming seasons, but “believes that the Frecce Tricolori show is something that everyone will appreciate”. While the military parade has been banned and some circuits are trying to find loopholes for exceptions, the first round of F1 in 2022 could have an air show by Gulf Air, which has shown One of their commercial aircraft at the race in Bahrainlast season.

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