Monica Iozi returns to social media and reveals the illness that took her out of “Elas por Elas”

Monica Iozi returns to social media and reveals the illness that took her out of “Elas por Elas”

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Actress Monica Iozi celebrated her birthday on Thursday (11/2) when she returned to Instagram, after a period of time away, to reveal how she overcame the illness that took her away from the TV series “Elas por Elas”. She shared with her followers that she suffers from dysbacteriosis, which is an imbalance in the intestinal bacteria, which has affected the immune system.

“As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been away for some time. It’s been a very precious time for me,” he began. She explained her experience in detail: “I was suffering from a minor health problem, as I told you about before. I had an imbalance in my body, something that disrupts the intestinal bacteria. Then it stops absorbing nutrients as it should.” . .

The actress shared how dysbiosis severely affected her health. “I was suffering from this very serious condition, which weakened my immune system, as I was suffering from one disease after another, to the point that I left ‘Elas por Elas.’ But I pass on saying that I am fine and that I have finished the treatment and I am 100%.”

Exit “Elas por Elas”

Monica’s health condition required her departure from the cast of “Elas por Elas”, in which she will play Natalia, a character originally described as “a dark woman tormented by memories of the past”. Mariana Santos hastily assumed the role. According to Globo, the change was an “artistic adjustment in the line-up” of the series by Alessandro Marson and Teresa Falcao. The broadcaster also confirmed that “Monica has the company’s doors open for future projects on our multiple platforms.”

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Monica even underwent a transformation for the role, cutting her hair very short to portray Natalia.

The announcement of his departure sparked speculation and rumours. Some media outlets even speculated about a possible diagnosis, including suggesting that she might have cancer, forcing the actress to deny this information.

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