Mirian Rios reveals that he is completely deaf

Mirian Rios reveals that he is completely deaf
Mirian Rios (Photo: clone)

Merian Rivers He revealed that he had completely lost his hearing due to a genetic problem in his family. She talked about the problem on her social networks and soon she began to receive a lot of messages from fans.

– I shut up. Completely deaf in both ears. I don’t hear the birds singing, I don’t hear the rain. This bothers me. I can not hear anything. I hear my voice. I listen to my voice, for example. I don’t hear my kids calling me, dog barking. Only if you speak close to my ear. I hear in my ear. It has happened like this. For many years I was losing my hearing. It’s inherited from my family, from my mother. People lose their hearing. My mother, my uncle, my aunt… Many of my family members lost their hearing until they became very hard of hearing. “I followed the genetics of my mother and uncles,” Merian said.

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Then she talked about the impact of the situation on her daily life:

– It’s hard, right, because I’m an actress, I have to listen: “Hello, pay attention, record.” I tried using braces at the time, but it wasn’t possible, and it didn’t adjust.

She added that she underwent an operation called a cochlear implant 11 years ago and improved significantly.

– At that time, the doctor told me that all this was very new and that maybe in ten years I would need to open my head to change the battery … The ten years have arrived.

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Then the actress said that she was receiving treatment with a new doctor, who asked her to return to use braces.

– With advanced technologies, I will continue to function normally.

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