Mirela and Dinho were eliminated from the strong duo with 28.12% of the vote – RecordTV

Mirela and Dinho were eliminated from the strong duo with 28.12% of the vote - RecordTV

a Brazil Power Couple 5 He has reached the end of MC Mirella and Dynho Alves! The couple were knocked out of competition in the live program on Thursday (27) with 28.12% of the vote. They lost the dispute against husbands Deborah Albuquerque, Bruno Salomao, Nina Cachoeira and Felipe Duarte to the public’s preference in a vote held in R7.com.

Nina and Felipe went to DR for this week Withdrawal from testing couples and the worst balance of the cycle.

After the duo, he tied in the standings with Mirela, Dinho, Pepe and Bimpolo Worst sales of the week. The criterion for breaking-even was the balance accumulated in the joint account. With less than two thousand BRL, Mirela and Denho were the second couple to go to the hot seat.

Bruno and Deborah were the most voted by the participants, with 5 nominations. With the power of a black box in hand, Casal Bauer, Marcia and Rudd turned the voices of Mirela and Yogner into the duo and They went to DR with 6 votes.

While incarcerated, Mirela and Dinah made friends, but also friction. Mary and Matthews e Mirela and Yogner He approached the duo in their early days in the palace. However, the funkeira Disagree With the allies after approaching Deborah.

The couple also created opponents in reality. Marcia Rod The husband fell out with the husband for the first week and ended up hurting themselves in the dynamics.

With the inheritance of a Doctor, Mirela, Dino, Marie and Matthews chose to gain immunity in the next vote, and Marcia and Rudd to lose 10,000 R $ from the joint account.

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Unfortunately, the couple did not have the audience preference and were disqualified on Thursday (27).

Under the leadership of Adriane Galisteu, he resurrected Brazil Power Couple 5 It airs Monday through Saturday, starting at 10:30 PM; And on Saturday, at 10:45 pm, on Saturday TV record. arrive to Play Plus And stay informed of everything that happens in the reality of couples!

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