Minister Milley shrugs off president's attacks and says Argentina's success depends on Brazil

Minister Milley shrugs off president's attacks and says Argentina's success depends on Brazil

“They will help us get out of this situation,” said Luis Caputo, an ally of the Argentine president, who called Lula a “communist prisoner” and said he would have nothing to do with Brazil.

From the left. Right: Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Javier Maile and Luis Caputo

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247 The government of far-right Argentine President Javier Miley ignored the attacks launched in recent months against President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Workers' Party), and stated that it needed to rely on Brazil to overcome the economic crisis. Argentine Economy Minister Luis Caputo said on Tuesday (6) that he is counting on Brazil to help Argentina overcome the serious economic crisis facing the country.

“We look at Brazil as a great partner for Argentina, but we can do many other things together. We have not given much importance.” [a essa parceria] Because of crises, but we are neighbors. We just don't like you in football. “We want to do business, and you will help us get out of this situation,” Caputo said while participating via video at the BTG Pactual event. Argentina is currently going through an economic crisis, with inflation reaching 211% annually and the poverty rate at 45%.

In October last year, when he had not yet taken office, Miley said that Lula was an “angry communist” and held the Workers' Party member responsible for taking actions that conflicted with the candidacy of Argentina's far-right. In November, the far-right described the Brazilian president as “corrupt” and “communist,” in addition to saying that he would sever ties with Brazil. In 2022, Miley supported the re-election of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and stated that then-candidate Lula was a “communist prisoner”.

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