Minas Gerais has been called up to represent Brazil at the Paralympic Swimming World Cup

Minas Gerais has been called up to represent Brazil at the Paralympic Swimming World Cup

Minas will have eight athletes and coaches among Brazil's representatives at the Paralympic Swimming World Cup. The competition will be held in Manchester, United Kingdom, from July 31 to August 6 of this year.

Those called up are part of Praia Clube, from Uberlandia, a club that trains athletes from Triangulo Mineiro and which was among the main clubs in the invitation made by the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB).

All athletes, as well as coaches, benefit from the “Bolsa Atleta” and “Bolsa Técnico” programmes, offered by the Government of Minas Gerais, through the State Secretariat for Social Development of Minas Gerais (Sedese-MG) and the Sub-Secretariat for Sports (Sedese-MG). Subesp).

The athletes recalled from Praia are: Gabriel Bandeira, Gabriel Geraldo dos Santos Araújo (Gabrielzinho), Gabriel Meloni de Oliveira, Guilherme Batista Silva, João Pedro Brutus de Oliveira, Leila Suzjan Abate, Ruan Felipe Lima de Souza and Samuel da Silva de Oliveira. The coaches are Alexandre Silva Vieira and Fabio Pereira Antunes.

“I'm counting on your fans. I call on all the fans from Minas Gerais and Brazil to cheer for us and let us achieve this,” said Gabrielzinho, who won three gold medals at the last Paralympic Swimming World Cup, held in June 2022, in Portugal.

Gabrielzinho will represent Minas at the World Swimming Championships in the UK (Ale Cabral/CPB)

The program helps cover the costs of registration for competitions, tickets, accommodation and food for sporting events, transportation, and the acquisition of materials and equipment necessary for training athletes, in addition to training courses for coaches.

Those wishing to request the general policy should access the notice published annually on the website: www.social.mg.gov.br.

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