Millionaire in 2021, Juliette reveals the color of her panties she wore last New Year’s Eve TV News

Millionaire in 2021, Juliette reveals the color of her panties she wore last New Year's Eve TV News

Winner of the Big Brother Brazil 21 award and the phenomenon of popularity, Juliette Freire opened the game on the colorful panties she was wearing early on New Year’s Eve. In keeping with popular sympathy, the tone of women’s underwear determines what the next year will be like. In the case of the millionaire, she preferred to spend the celebration in a beige cloth.

The hype about the underwear the digital influencer used started on Monday (27) on social networks. An Instagram account questioned Juliet about the secret of changing her life from Paraíba.

In the post, Anita’s girlfriend explained that she was wearing beige panties. The information did not go unnoticed by the lawyer’s fans, and “Cactus” asked her about the color on Wednesday (29) in the Stories Tool.

One of Juliet’s followers asked, “The beige pants I wore last year, were they new or old?” Then she explained why she didn’t decide to change the year with a more traditional color, like yellow for more money or red to find the love of her life.

“It’s a bargain for these beige lingerie to keep working. Guys, we wear a lot when we’re lighter so we don’t tag it. That’s normal. Everyone wears them, for God’s sake, but it’s really funny. I think it’s okay,” Pararibana commented, laughing. Fabulous”.

Although sympathy was not traditional, sympathy gave Juliette luck in 2021. The makeup artist emerged from the financial crisis, in which she even needed emergency help from the government, and won a prize of R$1.5 million at Big Brother Brasil 21.

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The new millionaire also won many fans due to her playing style on the reality show. She left the show with 24 million followers on Instagram and currently Double your fortune Advertising contracts and her singing career.

Check the explanation video:

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