Miley reported with a message that Argentina will not join BRICS

Miley reported with a message that Argentina will not join BRICS

Argentine President Javier Miley sent a letter to the five BRICS member states, including Brazil, announcing the decision, to reject the relationship with China and Russia.

Javier Miley

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247 – Argentina's far-right and ultra-liberal President, Javier Miley, has officially announced that his country will not join the multilateral BRICS forum, rejecting the geopolitical proximity to China and Russia. information. The decision was communicated through official letters to leaders Xi Jinping, of China, and Vladimir Putin, of Russia. The statement was also sent to President Lula (PT), Narendra Modi, of India, and Cyril Ramaphosa, of South Africa.

The decision to include Argentina in the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) was taken during a summit held in Johannesburg at the end of August this year, where important players in the oil and gas sector were also considered for membership. Such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Iran.

Just a few months before the end of his term, former Argentine President Alberto Fernandez decided to join the BRICS. The initiative received support from Xi Jinping, reflecting China's strategic interest in expanding its influence globally and attacking the United States. Miley, who is allied with the United States, expressed his refusal to deal with the “communists” and China's agenda.

To formalize Argentina's withdrawal, Miley entrusted Chancellor Diana Mondino with the task of writing a diplomatic but clear letter to the five leaders. The letters, bearing the presidential signature, were sent a few days ago, informing Brasilia, Moscow, New Delhi, Beijing and Johannesburg of Argentina's exit from the BRICS group.

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