Miley describes Lola as corrupt and refuses to meet if she is elected

Miley describes Lola as corrupt and refuses to meet if she is elected

In one interview, the presidential candidate said the Labor Party member was a “communist”; The Argentine ambassador to Brazil refutes the statement

Argentine presidential candidate Javier Miley said today, Wednesday (November 8, 2023), that he will not meet with the Brazilian President. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) If he is elected. The liberal, who has the support of former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in his presidential campaign, described the Workers’ Party member as “Communist” that it “corrupt”. Information is from Clarin.

In an interview with Peruvian journalist Jaime Pelli, Miley also said that if elected, he would withdraw Argentine ambassadors from countries in a critical situation. “Dictatorships”such as Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea and Iran, will condemn “Hamas and Hezbollah terrorism”.

Moreover, he mentioned that “Despots” It should also be condemned, citing Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I was the first to defend the government of Ukraine and the first to defend Israel against the violent and cruel attacks launched by Hamas.”He said.

When referring to Lula, the Argentine described the Brazilian president as a “Communist” that it “corrupt” He mentioned that “That’s why he was arrested”. He said that if he reached Casa Rosada, it would be his “Allies” It will be the United States, Israel and “free world”.

After the presidential candidate’s statements on Wednesday (November 8), the Argentine ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Scioli, said that Lula “He is neither a communist nor corrupt.”.

“I already faced something similar with Bolsonaro in government, when he wanted to leave Mercosur, and now again we are faced with a completely strange statement, because Lula is neither a communist nor corrupt.”“Sioli said speaking to C5N.

The Argentine ambassador explained that with regard to corruption accusations, “The Brazilian Supreme Court denied this, stated that there was a misuse of justice for political purposes, and acquitted him.”.

On the second (November 6) the following advertiserIn an interview with the broadcaster La Nación+that the head of the Brazilian executive was “IntWrong“in the campaign and”Finance“Part of it. However, Guillermo Francos, the main coordinator of the Argentine presidential candidate’s campaign, said on Wednesday (November 8), that he was not aware of possible interference by the Workers’ Party member in the Argentine election campaign.

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The liberal will compete in the second round of the presidential elections against current Argentine Economy Minister Sergio Massa on November 19. Al-Biruni led in the first round on October 22 with 36.68% of the valid votes, compared to 29.98% for Milli.

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