Miley and her entourage traveled to Davos by plane

Miley and her entourage traveled to Davos by plane

Casa Rosada says other alternatives were analysed for transporting the Argentine president to Switzerland, but this option was the cheapest and resulted in a saving of US$321,330.

Argentine presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni said that the country's president, Javier Miley, and his accompanying delegation traveled to Davos (Switzerland) on a plane. They participate in it World Economic Forum 2024.

In publishing in X (formerly Twitter) On Tuesday (January 16, 2024), Adorny stated that several options were analyzed and this was Cheaper. According to him, the choice resulted in a saving of US$321,330 (about R$1.5 million).

Miley's position contrasts with the positions of other world leaders.

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), for example, and his entourage always travel on FAB (Brazilian Air Force) aircraft or on the presidential plane. This was the case in all of the Brazilian CEO's trips In the 62 days he spent outside Brazil in 2023.

Millie in Europe

This is Miley's first international trip since taking office in December 2023. During his visit to Europe, the Argentine president will hold a meeting with the Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva. The Argentine government is negotiating the repayment of the loan it obtained from the agency, amounting to 44 billion US dollars.

Miley speaks at the World Economic Forum on Wednesday (January 17). Speaking to reporters on Tuesday (January 16), he said that the event “Contaminated by the socialist agenda“The aim of his intervention will be”Plant ideas of freedom“He mentioned that.”The only thing the socialist agenda will bring is misery to the world“.

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According to the informationMiley traveled with Nicolas Bossi (President of the Civil House), Diana Mondino (Minister of Foreign Affairs), Luis Caputo (Minister of the Economy), Karina Miley (Secretary General of the Presidency), and Ambassador Gerardo Verthen.

See photos of Miley's trip below:

Official vehicle sales

The Argentine government announced this on December 15 You will sell cars, planes and other official vehicles. This measure comes within the framework of a program to reduce public spending in order to… Reducing inflation in the country. So far there is no indication when sales will take place.

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