Microsoft announces Windows 365 with cloud PCs even on Android

Microsoft announces Windows 365 with cloud PCs even on Android

a Microsoft It announced, on Wednesday (14), Windows 365, an operating system service that runs from the cloud. The feature will launch on August 2nd and will bring Windows 10 and Windows 11 to macOS devices. iOSiPadOS Android e linux.

The company explained that the service initially targets companies of any size. Working as a kind of video streaming platform, it will not be necessary to use the physical space of computers to simulate the software.

“With Windows 365, we’re creating a new category: Cloud PC,” said Satya Nadella, President and CEO of Microsoft.

“Just as applications were brought to the cloud with SaaS (Software as a Service), we are now bringing the operating system to the cloud. Cloudproviding organizations with greater flexibility and a secure way to empower their workforce to be more productive and connected, regardless of location.”

Process and benefits

According to the tech giant, the system will allow all applications, programs, tools, and data to run on a traditional operating system, such as Office, browsers, Teams, and more.

Windows 365 also promises to make it easier to use Computers, where it will be possible to start an action on one device and continue on another exactly where the user left off.

With corporate use being the focus of the system, the company has made it clear that professionals will be able to log into a corporate computer one day and then resume working at home, if they choose to go to the home office the next.

Windows 365

Microsoft has also ensured that Windows 365 is completely secure. “Information is protected and stored in the cloud, not on the device. Always up-to-date based on the strength of Microsoft’s rich security features and baselines, and Windows 365 simplifies security and recommends the best security settings for the respective environment,” excerpts from the statement from the brand.

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