Mexican TV announces after an episode involving Dania on BBB23

Mexican TV announces after an episode involving Dania on BBB23
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Mexican TV freaks out after an episode involving Dania on “BBB 23”

Presenter Hector Sandarte, from the show La Casa De Los Famosos (Mexico), featuring BBB 23 exchange co-host Dania Mendez, made a straightforward statement about sexual harassment episodes involving Mexican and current. Ex-Brothers MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato. The two were fired from the Brazilian reality show last Thursday (16).

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“We are aware of the incident involving Dania Mendez, from “La Casa De Los Famosos” in “Big Brother Brasil”, which ended with the disqualification of two of its participants. Telemundo does not tolerate any kind of inappropriate behavior in its programmes, the safety and well-being of our talents And our employees are always our top priority,” said Sandarti.

The presenter also thanked the Rio station for the way the situation was handled, and said that someone from the production of the Mexican program is in Brazil to accompany Dania on her return home. “La Casa De Los Famosos thanks TV Globo and Big Brother Brasil for the high degree of professionalism and respect in handling the situation at all times.”

Rede Globo expected Dania Mendes to return home after Guimê and Sapato were sent off. The expectation was that she’d stay on the show at least until Sunday, when she’ll have a special role involving Joker Power of the week. The Mexican left home the most watched in Brazil on Friday afternoon (17th), and therefore will not be present in the hot seat formation.

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However, as the presenter of the program Tadeo Schmidt revealed yesterday, “Danya left the recorded decision and on Sunday the house will know the fate.” He said “Wait!”

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