Metropolitano Vale do Aço Hospital is accredited with ONA 3

Metropolitano Vale do Aço Hospital is accredited with ONA 3

Hospital Metropolitano Vale do Aço (HMVA) is accredited by the National Accreditation Organization (ONA) with the most important quality assessment in the country, known as Outstanding Accreditation.

ONA is the only non-profit organization that evaluates health services provided in Brazil. The entity is part of the group International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)which works “along with institutions that promote quality health in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Canada.”

Accreditation, which is the name given to the assessment conducted in healthcare organizations, consists of three levels: Level 1 Accredited, Level 2 Fully Accredited, and Level 3 Accredited with Distinction.

In three days, Metropolitano Vale do Aço had 30 districts and 2,735 requirements evaluated, confirming the quality of the services needed to obtain the certification.

The assessors highlighted hygiene practices aimed at reducing infection in hospitals as strengths of the Metropolitano. They indicated that surgery patients continued to be cared for even after discharge from the hospital.

The evaluation also highlighted environmental responsibility in water reuse and clean energy, as well as effective medical and management involvement in corporate outcomes.

Level 3 certification obtained by the Minas Gerais Hospital lasts for three years. After this period, in order to maintain the seal of quality, re-evaluation by ONA will be necessary.

“To reach the level of quality excellence, it is necessary to train with good professionals who work in harmony with all areas, focusing on the patient’s integrated vision,” notes the Director of the Hospital, Paulo Vanderlei Soares dos Santos. “Here at Metropolitano we have a core that promotes permanent procedures for professional modernization. This is the differentiator,” he adds.

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Brazil has about 6,800 health facilities, according to the National Registry of Health Establishments (CNES). Of this total, only 432, which is 7%, are accredited with the ONA quality certificate.

“Achieving a level of excellence requires dedication and continuous commitment. This certification represents the hospital’s commitment to providing quality patient care,” says Operational Director, Rinaldo Damasquino.

about the hospital

Metropolitano Hospital opened on May 22, 2015 and has 76 inpatient beds, 10 ICU beds, 8 operating rooms, diagnostic imaging, hemodynamics, and laboratory services.

A health reference for residents of the Vale do Aço region, the unit provides urgent and emergency care in pediatrics, clinics, gynecology, surgery and orthopedics.

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