Memes make the ‘look’ of auditions timeless The Voice Kids

Memes make the 'look' of auditions timeless The Voice Kids

The first phase of The Voice Kids ends tomorrow and Gaby Amarantos will no longer appear with the “look” that everyone has recently given in those first two months of the show. To bid farewell to glamorous fashion and a “chain chocolate” hairstyle, as one follower defined it, Gabe collected many memes that men made play with her.

To bid farewell to the first stage of this appearance, memes for you. Tomorrow there is more.

With the end of the auditions, The Voice moves to the battle stage. For the second stage of the program, the singer must appear with a bow on her head. “I wanted something a little more soulful,” she said in an interview with TV Globo.

During the program’s first phase, which debuted in early June, Gabe, Carlinhos Brown, and Michelle Tello appeared with the same “look.” Due to the covid-19 pandemic, all episodes of this stage were recorded on the same day and the judges kept the same clothes on all of them. Brown and Tilo will also wear new outfits at tomorrow’s show.

The judges and presenters of The Voice Kids even used the “look” during the first stage of the show; Recordings were made in one day

Photo: Detection / TV Globo

Other memes

Recently, Gaby was also the reason for creating internet memes, at the expense of the opinions section statement. In an interview with Journal Extra, the singer compared the Goronas neighborhood, where she grew up in Belem, to the situation of the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

The artist said at the time that a stray bullet fell every day in the street in which she lived, and that she was walking among the bodies lying on the corner due to a massacre or a police operation. It didn’t take long for a series of memes and discussions to surface among the singer’s followers.

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