Mel Maya does not forgive and shows her butt shock: ‘So I can do it’

Mel Maya does not forgive and shows her butt shock: 'So I can do it'

This wobble! Mayan honey She stole the show on social media Thursday night (04) by posting a new video on her TikTok profile. The actress caught the attention of netizens and did well in choreography to entertain the audience with her song “sextou”.

+ Mel Maya decides to show what a tanned butt looks like when wet: “No print”

At the time, Mel Maya made a good showing right after the gym and wasn’t disappointed with his gorgeous swing, as always. The inspirational has showcased her long hair, which is now black, and has taken great care of choreography which is thriving in viral trends on TikTok.

“Stop processing if you can perform tudum tudum tudum,” the actress joked in the caption. Mel Maya was still receiving thousands of compliments from the crowd. “This woman is secretly beautiful,” said one fan. Another follower launched “Swing Millions”. “I compare myself to her, unfortunately,” another user admitted. Watch the video:

Tweet embedPause processing if you can do “tudum tudum tudum” kkkkk 🥲♬ Na Rebolada – Os Quebradeiras & DJ Zullu & Machadez

Arthur Piccoli explodes on social media after being with Mel Maya

Nobody expected this! Recently, Mel Maya has become a topic on social media because of her hooked With none other than the ex BBB Arthur Piccoli. However, the influencer received many criticisms from the crowd on social media and confronted him with anger.

“I’m glad my dad and mom taught me that lying is ugly. There are things I put up with silently so as not to give shit to those involved, but I’m sick of just getting hit on without talking or doing anything to anyone,” Arthur began on his Instagram Stories.

In addition to education, people lack awareness. There’s a topic I don’t even touch on out of respect for those involved, hence I have to keep reading nonsense from a girl I have no idea who she is. How crazy you are! If love and kissing on the mouth of celibacy is a crime, arrest me. And it bothers you, my love, I’m sorry,” the ex-brother continued.

“I guess I don’t have to say a few things, but since I’m getting beaten up, we’ll make an exchange from today. When someone says something about me, I’ll release information too. Maybe they’ll stop like that, I don’t know,” said Arthur, who continued: The message has been sent, don’t say my damn name anymore.”

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