Megan Markle presents a list of requests to return to the UK with Prince Harry – 16/09/2021

Megan Markle presents a list of requests to return to the UK with Prince Harry - 16/09/2021

Leaving England and leaving royalty duties, Megan Markle and Prince Harry return to the site. However, according to Heat World, the Duchess of Sussex made a list of requests for her husband to return to the country.

According to internal sources, the couple met with Queen Elizabeth II to ease tensions and introduce their daughter Lilipet to her great-grandmother, as well as her older son Archie Harrison.

In addition, a source close to the couple says that Megan pointed out some requirements for this income:

– Megan’s arrival depends on getting some guarantees. Ideally, he would like to return in late September or October, especially if plans for a public tribute to Princess Diana go ahead. But she has conditions: she and her family must have 24/7, five star hotels and full control over press conferences and their schedules while she is here.

Another request of the Duchess of Sussex is that her husband should always be with her:

She always wants Harry to be by her side. She does this for Harry and the kids because she realized it was important, but after she was in the UK, there was a big hesitation.

Finally, the proof ends:

– Meghan and Harry are well aware that they still have many critics in the UK. Megan, in particular, knew that her every move would be explored from the time of the trip to the time she wore it. So she says she is taking the necessary steps to protect herself. There is no way she can feel affected like she was in the UK last time.

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