MC Mirella and Márcia Fellipe are down

MC Mirella and Márcia Fellipe are down

The nonsense has already started in the “Power Couple Brasil” mansion. After MC Mirella and Dynho Alves won the Pairs Audition and put Márcia Fellipe and Rod Bala on DR instead of Li Martins and JPThe singers had very little friction and accused Marcia Merela of being a hypocrite.

It all began when Marcia, in her post-nomination speech, recalled an episode in which Mirela Janice described her as “naughty”, and which bothered MC Merrilla. After the vote, the two spoke in the kitchen and the unconventional girl complained about her being on fire with the crowd over something she didn’t say.

“I said this dirty thing, it looks like I did, it was Mirela, it was the other,” Vanquira said, warning of the same names. “No, people are watching, I have to talk, this is a game,” Marcia explained.

“But then it looks like it was me because they’re Merella, can you imagine if people were confused?” , MC added. “But do you think people haven’t seen someone speak?” Countryman.

Then Mirela defended the name of the same name: “I am sure it was not in meanness.” “But you also understand me, he who does not have such a habit in his accent will definitely understand it the wrong way,” Marcia declared.

Then MC talked about a conversation she had with Mirela. “This is what I told her. I said, ‘Everyone has their own way. This does not mean that you have to change your style, but you have to do with whom you are going to talk to. You will play sometimes people are not used to that.

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After that, Marcia shot Mirela: “I am a lot Too cold, I left my kids at home to come and play for real. […] I came to slap my face. ” The singer recalled the conversation and criticized the MC:

I thought Merella’s justification was total hypocrisy, she caught me there, and I thought, She wants to throw me out, I definitely should have bothered me. Marcia Felipe

Mirela also commented on Marcia: “Marcia came to the kitchen to talk to me. I didn’t understand her well. She was a bit rude in the conversation. I was talking to her very quietly.”

Funkeira, after talking with Marcia in the living room, went to Mirela Janice and asked her if she had really made up with her fellow countryman about the misunderstanding.

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