Maynardi is a guest on the Manhattan Connection saying, “Going to drink at C …”

Maynardi is a guest on the Manhattan Connection saying, “Going to drink at C …”

One of the guests Manhattan connection this Wednesday (28), criminal attorney Antonio Carlos de Almeida Castro, better known as Cacay, was insulted by Diogo Minardi at the end of the release, receiving a voice that covered his speech. “As Olafo de Carvallo said, go (piiii),” the journalist said, shortly after the host, Lucas Mendes, introduced Cacay for his presence on the program.

Lip reading defines “Vai se no c…”. Mendes modified: “Good night, without Olavo de Carvalho.”

I don’t remember seeing a host say that to a guest on a TV show, which he would say to a broadcaster with the culture in the name and the general principles of putting it on. Although the broadcaster was careful to cover up the swearing, the name ugly is the least. It is an unexpected setting for a program guided by ideas and arguments.

“Antonio Carlos, I don’t feel like hearing your nonsense. You, to me, represent the underdevelopment of Brazil,” Minardi began.

“This fatal mistake in your prison the second time, my colleagues in the United States ask, Is it a prison in the first place, those related to the stolen letters, you built your career by whispering in the ear of STF, Minister of Syrians for Truth and Justice. What are you talking about?” I even prefer to talk to you about other things because I feel sick to hear your speech. “

“I want to answer you, Diogo: once upon a time I was talking to Chico Aniseu ​​and he told me that almost every comedian is moody. I don’t know your life very much, but I think you are a comedian. But the angry comedian, he must have a rare intelligence, and I was in the mood.” Bad. Very difficult to understand? Its acidity, I do not know where it leads. “

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“Antonio Carlos, you’re looking for a client here on our platform,” said Minardi.

“No, no. Of the twenty clients who come to me, I get one. My office is a small one,” the guest replied.

Cakai also said, “I do not accept cheap provocation. A person who provokes me needs at least a good mood and a specific intelligence.”

Minardi replied, “I don’t even know what you’re doing on this show.” “What she says, we hear every day in the mouth of Jilmar Mendes.”

“I’m here because I’m invited,” the lawyer added, always smiling.

“It wasn’t for me,” Minardi replied, continuing to mock what the other had said.

At one point, Mendes had to ask each one to speak simultaneously, as it was not possible to understand what both of them were saying at the same time.

Cakai was a longtime critic of Sergio Moro, responding to Mendes’s inquiries, who said that the presenter’s opinion of the former judge was different from him. The lawyer stressed that he loves to discuss and exchange ideas, “but you can only exchange ideas with those who have them.”

Mendes, who interrogated him in a civilized manner again about the prison defense in the second degree, the attorney responded that he only followed the Brazilian constitution. If they want it to be different, he said, change the constitution.

Before the air went live, Kakai was mistakenly introduced as Lola’s former attorney, who corrected him as soon as he got to the screen: “I’ve never defended Lola.”

On farewell to Cakai, and before Minardi cursed him, Mendes asked: “Do you acquit or condemn this program?”

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The guest replied, “I think this program is almost perfect.” “There are three very willing people, people who live in the world, and they are in a bad mood to be able to talk, scream and curse, all this is joy, it is part of it. The humorist The bad mood is traditional, but the bad mood is not intelligent, you are very brave.”

Upon hearing insults, Pedro Andrade covered his eyes with his hand, while Mendes and Cayo Blinder laughed.

Pedro Andrade takes his hand to the face after Minardi swears by the guest / having children

See the edition here. Kakay appears in the second half of the show who also received Fábio Porchat in the first part.

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