Mayara Magri says she was “annulled” because she married her ex-husband, Neave Maria

Mayara Magri says she was "annulled" because she married her ex-husband, Neave Maria
Miyara Magri (Photo: Reproduo / Twitter)

Mayara Magri He participated in major television successes between series and series with several broadcasters. at Globo TV, I worked on productions like The cat ate1985 H. women1998. Off the screens since 2009Magry revealed that she was “canceled” and missed job opportunities due to her association with the director Herval Rossano, The ex-husband of actress Neve Maria.

The information was provided in an interview with Coluna by Patrcia Kogut, from Newspaper or Globo. Miyara said that when she started communicating with Herval, he had already broken up. The two had known each other since the 1980s, but got together in 2004.

“At that time, he was really detached and very sick, he had heart problems, and he came to me. Since then, I started accompanying him, going to counseling and keeping the company. Then he found a practical doctor who brought him back to his life, he was so good that he Driving The servant Jesus wasThe artist said.

The servant Jesus wasIt was until Miyara’s last work in a TV series. In this regard, the famous woman attributes the lack of opportunities to the relationship she maintained with the director until 2007, when Rossano died of heart disease.

Mayara Magri in A slave Isaura (Photo: Divulgao / Record TV)

“The great truth is that I was canceled. Herval had a wedding shortly before we were together. Then stories started to show that I was still married with him, which is not true at all. Of the many doors that closed in front of me,” he said.

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Working online and practically ‘live’ on the zoom feature, Mayara made it clear what motivated her to do Popular face contouring procedure:

Before and after the artist and after a facelift (Photo: Clone / Twitter)

“On the internet, using tools like zoom in / out, your face is perfectly accentuated. Since I am at a certain age, I wanted to improve, do botox and fill in. I removed dark circles, touched my forehead. But I moved a little too much. I think the actress can’t change the shape of her face.” It needs time markers, “Magry explained.

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