Mayara denies the reunion with Fernando Zur and explains the boat trip videos


jeez! After another turbulent end, netizens have identified evidence of this Skill, from a duet with Marisa, and Fernando, Sorocaba’s partner, was to meet on Monday (3). Records on social networks indicated that they were going to take a boat trip in Santa Catarina, but Sartaniga quickly refuted the rumors.

During the tour, the citizen posted videos, including of some friends who were with him. Mayara didn’t post anything on the ship, but a guest clicking on board made netizens think the two were going to meet again.

But according to the artist, this was not what happened. To Splash, of UOL, she denied the speculation: “We didn’t meet and we weren’t togetherMayara also explained that she was already with her colleagues who met Fernando, but the meetings took place at different times.I was with these friends earlier. I wasn’t with them (Fernando and Sorocaba). They must have met later, this news is baseless‘,” she told writer Leo Dias, of Metropolis.

Passenger registration revealed the presence of Mayara. (Photo: clone)

Sorocaba and his wife, Bea Rodrigues, were on the ship. According to Fabia Oliveira, of the Em OFF column, Fernando and Mayara will be meeting each other in the past few days. On Christmas Eve 2021, country folk have become the subject of social media, following Marisa’s twins Partner is accused of cheating During a presentation in Parana.

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Good night you got a pair of trumpets for Christmas. It was all I needed to end the year on a boom. Marilia Mendonca, I should have listened to you. Dear Santa Claus, things haven’t been easy this year… but next year it will get better! Send me a gentleman I am ready to receive! That’s all I hope for next year! Zero liability! It’s never too late, is it guys? “, Launched.

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The young man, in turn, firmly denied all the charges against him. “Nothing happened! I just don’t deny the pictures even to my enemy! But I was in a place where suddenly more and more people arrived. I didn’t stay in my place, I left immediately. There was nothing! It was a bar with live music. We did a show in town. The show is over, and the show was early. When we missed the flight, the flight in Curitiba moved to 5:00 AM. So, I went to a bar, including couples of friends, and the place was full… And so, people asked me to take a picture and I was, like, normal, talking to everyone, as I always do.“He said.

Fernando Zur and Mayara have a “yo-yo relationship”. (Photo: clone/Instagram)

You blocked me from everything! You blocked me! I spoke to Marissa and Marissa did not answer me. I said: O sister-in-law, what is going on? It’s not cool…” But she doesn’t respond. She (Mayara) in that moment, she’s lost her mind, it’s useless, I don’t want to keep talking, replying, because it’s a lot, you know? It’s hard! Because nothing happened, no Thing!‘,” the citizen claimed, in an interview with Leo Dias.

Together since the beginning of 2019, Mayara and Fernando got engaged in February 2021, during a trip to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, after a parachute jump. Since then, the two have been in a yo-yo relationship, with many breakups and setbacks. In September this year, They again announced the end of the relationship., But They were seen together during Marilia’s aftermath.

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