MasterChef: Participant gets nervous after being reprimanded: ‘I need to leave’

MasterChef: Participant gets nervous after being reprimanded: 'I need to leave'

Post Christina He almost left the Master Chef’s kitchen during the third episode of season eight. I was nervous after scolding Chef Henrique Fogaca.

“You are responsible for everything that happens in your life. You made your choices. You lost character and flavor. Open your eyes, Christina,” the chef said after evaluating the nominee dish for tonight’s first challenge.

Upon her return, Christina despaired of the comments about the raw ingredients on her plate. “I need to get out of here now,” she said, walking toward the exit. “I’m not okay.”

Christina was restrained by the other participants. “Keep calm. Don’t make any decisions now. Breathe,” asked the competitor Anna who was close to the participant.

Presenter Ana Paula Padrao commented on the situation. “Christina, here we have three specialists. What they say is not about you. They evaluate your plate,” said the journalist, referring to Henrik Vogaka, Helena Rizzo and Eric Jaquin.

The scene sparked reactions from fans of the show on social media. Part of the audience did not think about the continuity of the participant who was Mezzanine saved in the last program.

Christina commented on her reaction on social media. “Those who are in crisis worry “You have an idea of ​​what I felt in that moment,” said the Bahian woman.

jacken t-shirt

Eric Jaquin liked Mim Christina, which was successful on social networks after the second episode of the season aired. The chef appeared in a T-shirt with the words “Participant” printed.

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“Brazil can forget, but you have to remember what happened last week,” he said when speaking to Cristina. “It’s game over,” she replied. “It’s time to make things right.”

Brazil, remember this episode!

Anna also remembered Cristina’s phrase after it was evaluated by Henrique Fogaça. The participant cheered after the chef said her dish was well spiced.

“Brazil, remember this episode,” he joked, celebrating the jury’s words. Jacquin repeated the meme again in the latter part of the episode, when Christina was one of those chosen to move up to the mezzanine level in an elimination test.

Pepper me!

The discussion between Eduardo and Jose Sergio caught the audience’s attention. When negotiating ingredients for the first tasting of the night, the two argued over peppers.

Negotiations required the intervention of the presenter Anna Paula Padrao. Sérgio got the component after winning singles or doubles. “Was it difficult?” said Eduardo joked.

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