Marina Ruy Barbosa speaks after a controversial birthday party

Marina Ruy Barbosa speaks after a controversial birthday party

actress Marina Ruy Barbosa He first spoke about his controversial 26th birthday party, which gathered about 20 people. The memory prompted people to speak up and many criticized the artist for throwing a party in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in Numerous attacks on actress Monica Martelli, who was among the guests. Monica apologized to the audience for her presence.

On her official Instagram account, Marina gave a long vent to the event along with the records and justified that she wouldn’t do the celebration if it wasn’t safe. As for the actress, a lot of misinformation was divulged about her birthday party:

“It has been twenty-six years of my life and I admit it has been a difficult year in my life in many ways – in fact, it is like this with the whole world. After a lot of overcoming difficulties, treatment and trying to expose myself less and less to maintain my mental health, today I am much calmer I deal better with my crises worry“I started.

“Today I feel a little calm too, because I see vaccination progress. It continues at a slow pace, but it is already a light that gives us hope. My parents and some of my friends have already been vaccinated. And in light of that I have opened up a franchise to gather people who are the greatest blessings of my life. That I would – after all, it was no secret, and nothing was hidden.”

According to the actress, there were about 20 people who attended the meeting and denied that there would be three days of celebration. Global also noted that the tests had been conducted and that it wanted to explain what happened in the face of “a lot of distorted information”.

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“Precautions and care have been taken to gather my family and a few of my friends who are already a part of my life, about 20 people in a completely open environment, on private property, with exams – as we do in professional environments. Three days of celebration, and I do not intend to make this justified. Rather, it is explained with respect and love in the face of so much speculation and distorted and growing information.”

“I’m not perfect (and I don’t intend to be), and I will never be able to live up to expectations and like everyone else, I’m just another woman trying to do my job, learning daily and trying to get more right from wrong. We all live through moments of intense pain and uncertainty. I keep stressing On the importance of taking care of ourselves, because that’s what I think. If I didn’t have a way to conduct this meeting in a controlled way I wouldn’t. Reducing quarantine does not mean the end of the pandemic and unfortunately there is no vaccine for the purpose of All in Brazil.

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