Marina Ruy Barbosa is having a birthday party with concerts in the midst of the pandemic and has received criticism; Monica Martelli apologizes for attending the event: “I made a mistake”

Marina Ruy Barbosa Aniversario

After celebrating his twenty-sixth birthday, Marina Ruy Barbosa It became the center of controversy on social media. On Monday (5), Fabia Oliveira, a columnist for Journal O’Dea, revealed details of the actress’ three-day party, which was to take place in Cabo Bonito, inside São Paulo, with performances and a privileged attendance amid the pandemic. From COVID-19.

According to the journalist, the event began last Friday night (2), gathering the family and friends of Marina and her supposed boyfriend, MP Gilherme Musi (PP) – which became news last year, after he was fined by throwing parties during the pandemic. The politician will also be the owner of the farm where the event took place. The celebration was to witness performances by the duo Bruno e Maroni and Edson and Hudson, following a June party theme – with food and decoration typical of “arraiás”.

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Businesswoman and digital influencer Paula Aziz and actress Monica MartelliFrom “Minha Vida em Marte” some of the guests who attended the party. Some photos from the event circulated on the internet and others were shared by the birthday girl herself. wanted by hugogloss.comMarina Ruy Barbosa’s office said it would not comment on the case.

See below some records:

Monica Martelli speaks and apologizes

With the repercussions of the case, Monica Martelli spoke on social networks about her participation in the event. “I made a mistake! I went to congratulate a friend on her birthday. A meeting of 20 guests, “ I started to text shared on their social networks. I am vaccinated against covid-19. I was tested for entry into the property and stayed in an open field with my friend. I took some pictures with some of the people who also tested. It’s not an excuse, it’s actually an explanation of what happened and an apology,” he said. advertiser.

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Mônica has shown that it agrees with the reviews it has received on the web. “We are going through a moment of great sadness and tenderness. We are in daily struggle and struggle, so what any of us does affects everyone’s lives. This is not the time to meet and I accept all criticism directed at me,” He said. He added: “My pain, anger, and dedication to providing vaccines and health for all continues unabated. I am a 53-year-old woman, citizen, and artist and know my responsibility to society, my audience, and my country.” Check out the full post:

Web Criticism Party

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The story caused quite a stir on social media, especially since Marina and some guests, like Monica herself, had already taken a stand against crowding during the pandemic. “Get lost in the cute character? Finally hypocrisy”and wrote a profile on Twitter. “I did not want to say anything, but I will say: I did not understand, Monica Martelli continues to pay homage to Paulo Gustavo, goes on a rally against the president’s trash and is then arrested at the party of Marina Rui Barbosa, help me my love ”Another commented.

Here are some of the reactions:

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