Marina Roy Barbosa indirectly responds to Samantha Schmutz after accusations

Marina Roy Barbosa indirectly responds to Samantha Schmutz after accusations

Marina Roy Barbosa, after being pressured by some followers and fans, decided to appear last Friday night (30), to respond to an indirect message from her co-worker Samantha Schmutz. The two have already worked together in totally awesome, an award-winning television series produced by Estúdios Globo.

“The cinematheque fire is an assault on the culture of our country. We have seen our history burn for ages, our culture being completely abandoned. This is beyond doubt. That is what we have to talk about. And demand from the government, which is the one who can do something”, they shot Marina Ruy Barbosa and began to vent.

Samantha Schmütz started to get confused, with the barbs being exchanged online: “Where was the beauty that went? It was Parade dresses and jewelry? Won’t you defend cinema? Pseudo-artists who usurp art to do marginal things and don’t really care about national cinema! Instead of Cannes, next year, they should go to Cana! “.

Although she is an actress who seeks not to get involved in confusion or major controversies, Marina Ruy Barbosa made sure to respond according to the indirect message she received, which she posted on the social network: “The accusation that I attended and participated in the Festival de Cannes should not be an agenda or a cause for concern.”

It didn’t end there, redhead Barbosa showed firmness in her statements and took the opportunity to share a video of actress Fernanda Montenegro talking about the disaster: “I’m so proud to be an actress, to work with what I’ve loved since I was nine, searching for my space.”

“The fact of going to the festival, being hired by a brand to work with, being with such amazing women as Sharon Stone and Melanie Terry, shouldn’t cause such indignation in some. We should respect all professionals and all jobs, no matter what we think”, Marina Ruy Barbosa said of the confusion in her name.

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Samantha Schmütz is gaining fame behind the scenes as an actress who seeks controversies for whatever reason, so the world news of Big Brother Brasil 22 has already been reported. The message given by Alexander Negrau’s ex-wife did not turn around: “We can’t feel we have the right to exclude our colleagues. We are all very fast shipping. But remember: the speed we ship, we will also be charged.”

Marina also cited the demand of the public and the press for a statement, during the speech, which was published on her personal page on Twitter: “The spot post fee, which translates to a post about something that happened a few hours ago, does not reflect what someone thinks or what they really care about. There is a lot of life outside of social media. Social networks are just snippets of a small part of life.”

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