Marika: The Horta government is highly approved, but health leaves something to be desired

Marika: The Horta government is highly approved, but health leaves something to be desired

With only a few months left until the end of Mayor Fabiano Horta's government, Marica Info took to the streets to hear from residents about the state's assessment, which was marked by the expansion of social policies such as the basic citizenship income, the zero tariff and the university passport, among others.

Fabiano Horta took power in 2017, when the city was already receiving a good amount of oil revenues, resources that in the first year of his government amounted to R$740 million.

Over the years, and especially after the pandemic, Marica has seen its reality change, whether due to the increase in its population, which has increased by more than 54% in the last decade, or due to the challenges of expanding the urban infrastructure that the city needs.

Despite investments in social policies such as the creation of a university passport in 2019, the expansion of fare-free transportation for the entire city in 2021, a basic citizenship income (Mumbuka Card) for nearly half of the population in 2023 and the start of basic sanitation works, The city lacks employment and income opportunities, with a large portion of the population employed by the city council itself, its agencies, and outside workers. The economy itself depends on what the municipality of Marica receives from royalties, taxes and contracts it concludes with construction companies and service providers.

But the chronic problem, recognized by the same residents who approve of the Horta government, is health! In addition to this area, other areas that include urban infrastructure such as basic sanitation and employment are the target of interest for those living in Marica.

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