Maria says that Nayara managed to “buy” people from the house

Maria says that Nayara managed to "buy" people from the house

In a conversation in the lollipop room, Maria Comment on his opinion of the Nayara Azevedo match onBBB 22 inch (TV Globo). country girl achieved gain sympathy From some of the participants in the past few days, but Maria is not entirely convinced of the singer’s kindness.

“I’m not saying it’s fake,” he said, “and she’s trying to please everyone, that’s not all.” “But she arrives, and takes control of the kitchen, like that, to please everyone… It is very difficult for her to be the voice of everyone in the house,” said Maria.

“I actually bought it there … I managed to buy 16 out of 17 people in the house,” concluded the singer, noting that she was the only one who was not “bought.”

Rodrigo, who was in the conversation, agreed with the sister, saying it was a “game strategy.” Nyara. The “50 Real” performer spent yesterday morning cooking for the brothers, massaging Gisslan, consoling Luciano, and rising through the ranks of some.

The native even prepared a separate meal for Maria herself, who is a vegetarian.

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