Maria Marta eats Isis lunch box, nibbles chicken bones and gives a prize to her rival TV News

Maria Marta eats Isis lunch box, nibbles chicken bones and gives a prize to her rival TV News

Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral) is going to knock on the door Maria Isis (Marina Roy Barbosa) during a Sunday family lunch at empire. Madame will invite everyone and shock them through the show John Lucas (Daniel Rocha) for my lover Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero). She’ll try to convince the redhead to let the leader have heirs with her youngest on Globo at 9 am.

After broadcasting next Thursday (3)You’re sitting on the opponent’s couch. “Farova grilled chicken, potato salad with mayonnaise. What a delicious simple meal, perfect for a Sunday. I consider myself inviting,” says the lady.

a Commander nymph He explained that the occasion would have been limited to his relatives. “In a way, I feel like I’m part of the family, my husband is her lover,” Dunduka replies, without speaking.

The redhead will ask you to immediately say what you want and you will be amazed at the answer. The woman will announce that it was with the intention of talking about her younger son. “It has four flat frames, it’s drooling for you“Maria Marta will announce.

“father and son?” Asks Severo (Tatto Gabs Mendes). The head of a wealthy household will claim that it is dealing with a serious problem. “I cannot sleep peacefully imagining that my husband and son are in love with the same girl,” says Lilia Cabral’s character.

The redhead will refuse the information to Magnólia (Zezé Polessa), who will be upset to discover this Daughter and Joao Lucas have already kissed. “You didn’t tell me that, Isis,” the fraudster would be surprised.

An exchange proposal

Maria Marta will find that the girl is too young for the leader and will still say that she is old enough to be the beloved’s granddaughter. Crazy, she will present her troubled son as a prize to her competitor and will even say that the two will make a beautiful couple. The “Empress” would argue:

Think a few years, and hear the sound of experience. A thousand years from now, he will be in a wheelchair and do nothing. And you are in your thirties? Joao Lucas, no, you have the same ages.

Magnolia and Severus, As a good interest, I’ll be excited when Maria Marta says a girl can have children and even grandchildren Character Daniel Rocha.

Think, honey, it’s a guarantee of a decent life for the rest of your days. It’s a sure win, you can be sure. It’s my mom’s heart asking you, give Joao Lucas a chance.

Império (2014) won a ‘Special Edition’ for Connect the remaining slot after the final extension from mother’s love At the prime time of Globo. A place in the sun, Next unpublished TV series at 9 PM, Its debut was postponed in the second half of this year.

In addition to spoilers, the the news It is published daily Summary of the nine o’clock series The broadcaster is re-broadcasting due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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