Marcus Vinicius predicts the day and time of the Big Fone and warns Daffy and Isabel · TV News

Marcus Vinicius predicts the day and time of the Big Fone and warns Daffy and Isabel · TV News

Marcus Vinicius shocked BBB 24 fans in the early hours of Friday (26). The host was surprised to guess the day and time that Big Fone will play on the Globo reality show. Brother Davi Brito and Isabel Nogueira also advised to remain alert if they wanted to answer the first phone call of the edition.

“Do you want to answer Big Fone? He usually plays during the Friday night show,” he said this way.

“So, stay tuned. He can play anytime, but he plays a lot on Friday nights, when the program is live,” he recalls in a conversation with the Bahian and Manaus native.

Shortly before, Tadeu Schmidt has already confirmed that Big Fone will play at the exact time expected by Marcus Vinicius. The presenter made the announcement when talking about the dynamics of the week.

The Big Fone will be played during the live edition of the program, scheduled to start at 10:25 pm (Brasilia time), immediately after the episode of the TV series Renascer. The participant who responds to the creepy touch will automatically be immune and will still be able to nominate three people to the wall.

Dynamics of the week

The wall will house four people, and this will be the last time the public votes on who they want to leave locked up. “After that, the vote will be in favor of repeal,” Taddeo warned.

The sixth hot seat will initially be formed by the person nominated by leader MC Bin Laden and the person who received the most votes in the council. Then, the three who were blocked by Big Fone would have to come to a consensus and send someone else on a counterattack.

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Except for the team nominated by the captain, the other four teams will compete in the first home-and-away trip of the season. Two people will be able to save themselves from the wall in this activity.

Bin Laden announced that his main target was Davi Brito, although he had his sights set on Isabel Noguera, Rodriguino, and Wanessa Camargo. The leader fears that the dancer or driver will win the angel's trial and become immune.

“But there's one thing: the angel can't go to them. If the angel goes… he's a failure,” the funk singer said in a conversation with Allies. “If you go to Kunha [Isabelle]You fortify it. vice versa. “They both cannot win, otherwise either Vanessa or I will have to leave,” Rodriginho said.

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