Marcus Mjon says Tado Schmidt was the ‘best choice’ for ‘BBB’

Marcus Mjon says Tado Schmidt was the 'best choice' for 'BBB'

Lt. Colonel Marcus Meon, 42 years old, Tadeu congratulated Schmidt for being chosen by Globo to lead ‘BBB’ next year, and stated that the former “Fantastic” anchor was the “best choice” to take up the position of owner reality show.

Myon expressed her opinion in the comments posted on Instagram by Schmidt.

“Yes! Best choice! Tadiozola, presenting a reality The confinement that shakes the country is a crazy ship that sets fire to the stadium and makes you want to imitate Chewbacca in the judiciary speech! We look forward to seeing what you intend to do! God bless you! Marcus Mion wrote.

Marcus Myon congratulated Tado Schmidt and said he was the “best choice” to lead the “BBB”

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In this post, Tado Schmidt said he was “proud” to have been chosen “for such an important mission.” However, he says it is “a great honor to do the same work as two of the greatest talents in the history of Brazilian television”, referring to Pedro Biel, the first to present “BBB”, and Thiago Levert, who directed the 2017 reality show until this year’s release – He recently announced that he will not renew his contract with Globo after the next season ofbrazilian sound“.

“I am cheerful and excited !!! And at the same time with a sinking heart, because I am leaving “Fantástico” after fourteen years!!! But then we will talk about it … I am still in Fantástico the next day on Sundays, while, I just want to enjoy this news The wonderful in my career and in my life! I hope that you, who accompanies me here with so much affection, be tainted with my excess happiness and I feel happy too. It will be really wonderful!”, he posted.

dance chair

Globo has taken advantage of the departure of Tiago Leifert to perform a chair dance on some of its programmes. Starting with Tado Schmidt’s journey to “BBB”. And therefore , Mago Coutinho will be Poliana Abreta’s new partner on Sunday at “Fantástico”.

And in place of Mago, Cesar Tralli will lead the “Journal Huge”, who will leave the position of head of the local news program “SP1”, which will now be presented by Alan Severiano, who has been promoted from reporter to presenter.

Why didn’t he choose Globo Mion for “BBB”?

Since the announcement of Tiago Leifert’s departure from Globo, much has been speculated about possible names to lead the “BBB”. Marcus Mion was a fan favorite, actually experienced after applying”farmRecord unavailable.

Why didn’t Globo listen to the public’s demand?

The first reason is that he presented the 2020 version of “A Fazenda” and his image is still closely associated with the reality show on Record. Additionally, Marcus Mion faces resistance within the network. Great programming required great responsibility, and Globo’s top management preferred to trust a presenter who had been part of the cast for a long time.

Tadeu has grown into “Fantástico”, proving that he knows how to deal well with serious issues, but also with interesting subjects and images – like “Gols da Rodada”, where he talks about a tour football From the weekend with lightness and with the help of the “Cavallinos” that conquered the audience. Presented is the guarantee of charisma for all ages, and this satisfies Globo.

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