Marcus Mjon praised Faustau’s debut in the band: “Mystery”

Marcus Mjon praised Faustau's debut in the band: "Mystery"

Fausto Silva debuted in the band in the first minutes of Saturday’s first. Share the presenter stage Faustau transformation With his son, Joao Gillherme, and Anne Lautermann, they gave a glimpse of what lies ahead in the Faustau in the bandYour new daily program that Premiere January 17It’s 8:30 pm.

The moment was praised by Marcos Millon, of Globo: “I’m only going to sleep because I can’t miss watching Faustão’s debut! I couldn’t sleep! Fausto is a professor!”

Faustão debuted in the band and earned acclaim from Marcos Mion: “Mestre”

Photo: Joao Cotta

Faustão has been in charge of Sunday afternoons at Globo for more than three decades and left the canal in 2021. With his departure, Luciano Huck took charge of Sunday, while Marcus Mion stayed with boiler.

Presenter Fausto Silva made his debut in the band on January 1, 2022

Presenter Fausto Silva made his debut in the band on January 1, 2022

Photo: Reproduction of “Viradão do Faustão” (2022) / Band / Estadão

Among the advertised paintings Cassetadas, Pizzeria do Faustão, Churrascão do Faustão, On the road to success, this is your life, money or fame e monster dance. “Hey guys! In early 2022, I proudly announce that I’m back in the band!” , said the lieutenant who was already in front of lost in the night in the eighties.

It is possible to watch Faustão’s full debut during the end of the year on the band’s YouTube. Check it out below:

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