Marcia Fu admits that she put Simeone on the farm after warning Galisto · TV News

Marcia Fu admits that she put Simeone on the farm after warning Galisto · TV News

Marcia Fu admitted that she did not save Camila Simeone in the left dynamic, in the farm formation this week in A Fazenda 15, due to a statement by Adriane Galisteu. The former athlete was apprehensive about the fact that the broadcaster had denied Simeone’s speech live and thought it was better not to show support for her.

The former volleyball player spoke about the topic with Radames Martins on Thursday (26). He commented, “The time came and you did not save her. I did not understand.”

Marcia replied: “No, didn’t you hear what Adrian said on Jacqueline’s live broadcast?” She referred to the moment when Gallisto addressed the fact that, contrary to what Simeone published, Jacqueline never said that she wanted to kiss Tonzão Chagas, who is married.

“For exactly this reason, because she did the same thing to me, and she did the same thing to Lucas, and she got eight people in the House to vote for me,” Marcia accused.

“You have to do what you want. But when you promise loyalty to someone, I think you have to keep it until the end,” Radamès noted. But the former player maintained her conviction.

“I didn’t like it, that’s why I had the attitude I had! After Adrien spoke, I thought I would save Nadia. […] I talked to her, if she comes to me, I will think about Nadia. Now it is [Simioni] She’ll do the same thing she did to me, she’ll try to make me look like the evil one, the evil one, because she’s gone! Why can’t you stay? Didn’t I go to Roca? Didn’t Nadia go too? Why can’t you go?” he asked.

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“What a funny thing, why not, yes you can! Everyone can go! I went willingly. I didn’t mess around! I got eight votes, Radamès! Am I wrong?” […] “The person who reached out to me the day I was in a deep mess was Jacqueline, because she couldn’t believe what had happened,” Marcia said. Radamès continued to believe that she had acted incoherently, but she understood the decision.

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