Marcelo De Carvalho attacks Tata Wernick after making a joke about the broadcaster

Marcelo De Carvalho attacks Tata Wernick after making a joke about the broadcaster

Now, Wernick has apologized, in a sarcastic tone, to RedeTV! She said that she decided to wear a dress that was “more expensive than the anchor’s prices” so that “there would be no problem.”

“In these thirty years of [prêmio] I learned alot. I know I can tell jokes with the artists, but I can’t tell jokes with the other broadcasters. A couple of years ago, I made a joke that my dress had the same value as the one on RedeTV! A lawsuit was filed against me. I want to apologize and say that this year I came with a more expensive dress than usual so that we do not have this problem,” the announcer said, which caused laughter from the audience.

What happened:

In 2020, Tata Wernick made a joke about the dress she wore and the RedeTV! budget. She said at the time: “Guys, you don’t notice, I came right on a motorcycle, you understand? I came this way. I picked her up on the clothesline, still wet. This is a network television budget. For the love of God, people, no I want you to notice that.”

The broadcaster then took Tata to court, saying he was the victim of “persecution” by the broadcaster and demanding compensation of R$50,000. The comment made in 2020 was not the first made by Wernick, who in 2018 would “thank God not to go on Panico’s show, on author radio,” the company said.

In August 2022, the Sixth Civil Court of Rio de Janeiro rejected RedeTV! Understand that the announcer made a joke Which did not cause damage to the company’s image. The Rio court also ordered the broadcaster to bear the comedian’s legal costs and attorney’s fees.

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