Many companies want to acquire SEGA: “We feel honored”

Many companies want to acquire SEGA: “We feel honored”

Among the many financial movements of recent months and years, there has also been evidence of this Microsoft’s acquisition of SEGAWhich on more than one occasion seemed almost real, but it was not completed.

We know for sure that Xbox seriously considered acquiring SEGA and all of its intellectual property in November 2020, but the acquisition no longer took place as Activision Blizzard seemed more likely and you know the rest of the story.

SEGA has already talked about this, explaining Huge appreciation to Microsoftbut Not to the point of choosing to join forces financially.

COO Shuji Utsumi spoke about the topic again during an interview with CNBC. Utsumi was asked to comment on the conversation with Microsoft regarding the takeover attempt, and the COO once again denied any maneuvering in this regard.

Despite Utsumi’s admission, it’s not just Microsoft that is interested in SEGA:

“Many companies are interested. We feel proud. […] We have interesting IP and potential. Directly owned companies. Strong owner. I don’t think this type of transaction will happen.“.

These IPs are actually the ones that SEGA wants to invest heavily during 2024, which makes an external acquisition by a company impossible once and for all, at least in this historical period.

Utsumi also reveals that after the acquisition of Rovio, SEGA is also looking for new acquisitions In an effort to expand its portfolio of game studio properties.

Japanese studios are doing well. European studios are struggling“, Utsumi said, speaking about the internal situation at SEGA. Among the teams that did not succeed was Team Hyenas, SEGA’s most expensive project that was recently cancelled.

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Of course, the idea of ​​products from the Japanese software house coming to Xbox Game Pass is tempting, and it’s already happening. This month, Sega released three of them, all directly on Xbox Game Pass. Not always, but in many cases it behaves as if it were an internal Xbox studio.


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