Manchester United beat Granada again 2-0 and qualify for the Europa League semi-finals – 4/15/2021

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MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, April 15, 2021 (AFP) – Manchester United beat Granada again 2-0 Thursday (4-0 aggregate) in the quarter-final second leg match at Old Trafford.

Uruguayan Edinson Cavani opened the scoring in the first half, after only 6 minutes, and with everything decided, Jess Vallejo scored the goal that ended the match (90).

After the England game 2-0 last week, the task was very complicated for Granada, and even more so with the progress of United immediately after the start of the match, with a pass from Bruno Fernandez into the area, which Paul Pogba deviated to Cavani sent. To the bottom of the net with the first shot (6).

The Spanish team, which participated in a European competition for the first time, was slow, and at the start of the second stage only, the striker, Jorge Molina David de Gea, tested a header, which the Spanish goalkeeper stopped (50). .

But it was only an illusion, because the English fought well and the Spaniards were not very dangerous in the attack, with the exception of a shot near the end of Victor Diaz which was saved by De Gea (86), before Jesus Vallejo scored a goal against United the second. Goal (90).

United, who won the championship under Jose Mourinho in 2017, will try their best to win the semi-final against Roma, after four defeats at this stage under Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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