Manchester United are betting on everything in the midfield of the Brazilian team

Manchester United are betting on everything in the midfield of the Brazilian team

Casemiro has already joined Manchester United, giving hope that the traditional British side can once again be respected in the Premier League. ESPN UK channel believes that the team will gain more strength in the midfield, especially since Casemiro will play alongside Fred, with whom he forms a partnership in the Brazilian national team.

Although Fred, a former Shakhtar player, does not have a good reputation in the UK, the English are betting on his relationship with Casemiro. And they did the odds: in 17 matches together for Brazil, there was only one defeat for the duo (the Copa America final against Argentina), they won 15 matches and went 13 without conceding a goal.

“The big problem” – one netizen commented on Twitter – “is that facing Peru, Colombia and Bolivia is not the same as facing Liverpool and Manchester City.”

Another fan added: “The difference is that Brazil has defenders like Thiago and Marquinhos. There are the craziest wings in the world, like Vinicius and Rafinha, in addition to Neymar of course.”

In the worst case, what could happen with this partnership between Casemiro and Fred at Manchester United is that they will adjust the harmony and can arrive with great precision to defend Brazil in the Qatar Cup.

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