Mago Coutinho reveals with whom he has a secret relationship: “She has everything”

Maju Coutinho (Foto: João Cotta/TV Gllobo)

The announcer published a rare record with her husband and friends

Leaving his sober status aside, last Sunday (19), Mago Coutinho Appear with nothing but Augustin Paulo Mora, with whom he had been in a relationship for more than a decade. The lovebirds were accompanied by another couple of friends for a very romantic dinner.

Many people do not even imagine that the commander of the Air Force Nice She has been off track for years, but the truth is that she prefers love out of the spotlight. Precisely for this reason, it is rare to see their posts together.

In the video, the Globo contractor brought up some recordings of the special day, where she was with Agostinho, reporter Valéria Almeida, and her husband, Peterson.

Happy Sunday, folks! He who has love and friends has everything. If it is devoured by a well, then it seeks at the bottom, it is ten so that all the stress together is small. It’s a point to support when it was silly. Mago Coutinho’s charming friend began a sweet hug.

“It’s a huge bosom, a refuge in a loop, an oasis in the worst stages when the ground and foundations are gone, when everything goes into space, that’s it. Thank you for the love @valeria_almeida_reporter and peterson_ago,” concluded Globo contractor.

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Mago Coutinho with her husband Agostinho Paulo Mora and friends (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

Broken protocol!

not even Mago Coutinho and Poliana Abreta Survived the romantic mood of Valentine’s Day last Sunday (12). presenters Protocol broken and expired a Nice Send kisses to your loved ones.

Mago Coutinho left the subtle situation aside and suggested his partner send a message to their loved ones. “Shall we leave it up to us too?“I accept Chico,” said Pollyana Abreta. “Agostinho … ready,” concluded Captain Fantastic.

He broke Maju Coutinho and Poliana's protocol, leaving a secret situation aside and exposing the relationship: "We will leave"
Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta send kisses to their loved ones at Fantástico (Image: clone/Globo)

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