Mago Coutinho leaves JH to present Fantástico; What is the salary of a journalist?

Mago Coutinho leaves JH to present Fantástico;  What is the salary of a journalist?

Mago Coutinho He is one of the main names in the Brazilian press today. The professional who started to stand out by presenting the weather forecast for the Journal Nacional on TV Globo, will face a new challenge, as she takes the lead Wonderful, the main program of the Rio station on Sunday. Find out how much a journalist earns each month.

Mago in the newspaper today

In 2019, Maju took over the management of Jornal Hoje, who appears Monday through Saturday in the early afternoon. With that, the journalist began to receive a file A salary of 60,000 Brazilian riyals.


Last Sunday, the 10th, it was announced that Tado Schmidt will be leaving the Fantástico show for Big Brother Brazil takes over as of next year. In doing so, Maju has been promoted to present the most viewed weekly e-magazine in the country.

This promotion doubled the journalist’s salary. Maju will receive a monthly salary of R$120,000. With Maju’s arrival, Fantástico will count for the first time with two women in charge of the programme.

Big Brazilian TV Salaries

as The biggest stars on our TV They have been on the small screen for years, they are a part of Brazilians daily life and they are well rewarded for that. You are The salaries of these professionals always arouse curiosity.and people and impress them with their high value.

Luciano started on TV in 1995 in the program “Circulando” on TV Gazeta. The following year, he went to Band to present “Program H”, where he stayed for three years. In 2000 he went to Globo where he remains today and is one of the biggest names in the network.

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Luciano’s salary is around R$1.8 million per month.

Ratinho made his television debut in 1991, presenting “Programa do Ratinho” on CNT. After that, Ratinho went to RecordTV until he was called by Silvio Santos to go to SBT in 1998, where he is currently.

As a presenter, his income is around R$2 million per month. Ratinho is also a businessman and has some SBT affiliates in Paraná. This makes your income higher.

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