Maduro: Venezuela will be able to “reclaim Essequibo”; Guyana’s Vice President says the country needs to prepare to defend itself | world

Maduro: Venezuela will be able to “reclaim Essequibo”;  Guyana’s Vice President says the country needs to prepare to defend itself |  world

Better understanding of the conflict between Venezuela and Guyana

Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, said on Monday (4) that his country seeks to “build consensus” and that it will “be able to take back Essequibo.” On the same day, Bharrat Jagdeo, Guyana’s Vice President, said in an interview that he was preparing for the worst and that the government was working with partners to strengthen “defense cooperation.”

What both sides say: Jagdeo said Maduro, in his conversations with other presidents, has stated that he does not intend to invade Guyana, but the Guyanese government should not rely on Maduro’s assurances. “We have to be prepared, we cannot let our guard down or be less vigilant. Venezuelan leaders have already shown that they are unpredictable, so we are working with our partners to strengthen defense cooperation so that, should the worst happen, we can defend our country.”

When asked what he meant by “defense cooperation,” he said the following: “Defense cooperation means that we engage and coordinate efforts with those who deal with us, to build our capabilities and not just plan, and look to protect our territory.” integrity. We are not hostile and will not threaten Venezuela, we are acting preventively and defensively.”

The United States Department of State (this body has the same function as the State Department) has stated that it supports a peaceful resolution of the border dispute, and that this is an issue that cannot be decided by referendum.

Bharrat Jagdeo in a photo from 2022 – Image: Reproduction / Wikipedia

Brazilian Foreign Ministry Minister for Latin America and the Caribbean Gisela Padovan said she hoped for a “peaceful solution” and said Itamaraty was in talks with both sides.

“It is an internal matter. So much so that the International Court of Justice did not rule on the referendum, but rather ruled on any measure that would change the current situation. We are talking at a high level with both countries and hope that the situation will be peaceful. This is what we want.”

Venezuela agrees to annex Guyana — Photo: Reproduction

The Venezuelan people support the annexation of Guyana’s territory in the referendum

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