Macri’s influence on Miley’s cabinet choices reduces the chance of dollarization

Macri’s influence on Miley’s cabinet choices reduces the chance of dollarization
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Call for Luis “Toto” Caputo for Economy Should Remove Emilio Ocampo from BC; Patricia Bullrich will take over the security portfolio

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Javier Miley, President-elect of Argentina (Photo: Tomas Cuesta/Getty Images).

The choice of the names of the next government of the next Argentine president, Javier Miley, increasingly demonstrated the influence of former President Mauricio Macri in the administration that will begin on December 10. The local press revealed the invitation of the former representative of the Central Bank in the Macrista government, Luis “Toto” Caputo, to the economic portfolio. And that Patricia Bullrich, who heads the PRO party (the party created by Macri), will be Minister of Security, a position she already held in the government of the former occupier of Casa Rosada.

Reactions from Miley’s allies for the first time already indicate dissatisfaction with the choices. Newspaper No nation It highlights that on Friday morning (24), Carlos Rodríguez, chief economic advisor to the future Liberal President, announced via social media his “unwavering decision to terminate all official, real or supposed economic advisory relationships of Liberdade Avança”.

“They started asking me why I’m doing this. I haven’t been consulted for months. I decided a long time ago. Today is the perfect moment, as Javier appoints the Minister of Economy and changes the head of the Central Bank,” he explained.

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In addition to Caputo, he was referring to the invitation for the economist and physicist Demian Riedel to take over the administration of British Columbia, replacing a former favorite of Milli, Emilio Ocampo, who had been the biggest supporter of the proposal to dollarize the Argentine economy.

It is the arrival of “Toto” Caputo in the economy that has been much talked about. Previously nicknamed “Fiscal Missy”, Macri was finance minister in Macri’s government and chaired the British Columbia Agreement when the agreement currently in place with the IMF was negotiated. He was fired, apparently at the request of former IMF head Christina Lagarde, who was unhappy with Caputo’s lack of communication and transparency in the negotiations.

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Rodriguez’s dismissal and Ocampo’s loss were not the only casualties of Miley’s original choices in his search for a coalition government. Ally Carolina Piparro, one of the first names announced by the new president, will not be the future head of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES). She was replaced by Osvaldo Giordano, former Minister of Economy in the government of Juan Chiaretti, the defeated candidate of the Justice Party.

In an official statement this morning, the office of the President-elect confirmed the selection of Giordano, and also confirmed the appointment of engineer Horacio Marin to head the oil company YPF.

The text also stated that the intention to close the central bank was “not a negotiable issue,” but dollarization was not mentioned.

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