Lula Internacional TV targets voters abroad with our money

Lula Internacional TV targets voters abroad with our money

brazilian telecommunications companyABC) The launch was announced on Tuesday 26th Brazil International Televisionlooks at A “Potential audience of 4.5 million Brazilians living abroad”.

According to the CEO of EBC. Jan LimaThese Brazilians “They lack credible news and good content to inform themselves about what is happening in Brazil and connect with the country.”. “We want to be the TV that shows Brazil to the world.”Lima added in the statement she published Brazil Agency.

“The new broadcast programs combine content already broadcast by TV Brasil, selected and organized in a way that meets the interests of Brazilians living abroad. The programming network is divided into four bands, alternating throughout the day to suit different time zones.follows the note from Agência Brasil.


It is difficult to understand what EBC CEO means by “Reliable news“When referring to Brazilian Television. The government's communications system was not exactly distinguished by its journalistic excellence during the Lula government (photo).

In the case of a balance sheet over 10 years car washThe TV station team even listened to defenders of the anti-corruption operation that struck the Labor Party in the heart, however He highlighted his critics In social media posts and spreading lies, such as the story that the reaction to corruption was responsible for the losses of the companies in question, not the fact that they were caught committing illegal acts and had to pay for it.

Lola Agency

Brazil's agency's leaning toward the Lula government's agenda earned it the title Lola Agency In a series of notes Discountas in “Lula Agency” vs. Sergio Moroa Lula Agency v. Tarcisio de Freitas that it “Agência Lula” offers Anielle a helping hand in the fight against environmental racism. Unfortunately, new notes will have to be added to it until the end of the Labor administration.

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Brazilian voters living abroad will, from now on, have preferential access to this type of content. With the help of money from all Brazilians.

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