Lula approves new INSS benefit and new law brings additional money

Lula approves new INSS benefit and new law brings additional money

Lula imposes a law that benefits thousands of people on the waiting list of the National Institute of Social Security

Since the inauguration of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a series of changes have begun to affect the country. It is mostly considered beneficial for Brazilians. One of them directly affects INSS (National Institute of Social Security) beneficiaries. This time, for example, we will talk about a new benefit approved by the head of state that brings an additional boost.

It is undeniable that in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the waiting time for assistance and expertise at INSS. Without the necessary measures, thousands of Brazilians are left without the right to receive benefits. With these huge queues and ridiculous delays in services, this ultimately hurts many Brazilians who need help.

But this situation has witnessed a radical change in recent months. This is because on November 14, President Lula approved the project that created the Social Security Anti-queues Program (PEFPS). This aims to reduce waiting lists for forensic examinations and improve INSS services.

Social Security (reproduction: Internet)

According to information contained in the Official Journal of the Federation, measures are currently being taken to reduce waiting lists in INSS operations. With waiting lists shortened, more Brazilians can access basic benefits, such as sickness benefits. The program will last nine months and will consist of some measures that encourage INSS employees to reduce the waiting list.

Among the procedures are the following:

Big news about INSS has been confirmed (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

The decision confirmed by Simon Tippett today (25/02) affects all INSS pensioners and retirees

Extra money in February (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

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Over 1000 R$ released and the official calendar is on the table: INSS arrives with two major victories at the end of February

In Jornal Nacional, Renata Vasconcelos talks about INSS (Photo: Disclosure)

“Accelerate”: Renata Vasconcelos urgent announcement in JN with INSS decree for payments made to policyholders

  • Pay extra money for servers that operate outside business hours
  • In addition to allowing the use of telemedicine to conduct medical examinations

According to “g1”, the program contains some concentrations. The first is to solve administrative processes with analysis over a period of 45 days. The Service also evaluates specialized medical services with an expired statutory deadline, scheduled for more than 30 days or carried out in units without regular service offerings.

People on the INSS waiting list (Image: Reproduction - Exame)
People in the INSS queue (Photo: Reproduction – Exame)

What else does the law allow?

Finally, in addition to the above, PEFPS provides specialized examinations for federal public servants in cases of leave for health treatment or due to illness of a family member. Therefore, the adopted law also allows the use of telemedicine in forensic examinations.

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