Lucy Ramos moves on to the next stage of ‘Super Dance of the Famous’

Lucy Ramos moves on to the next stage of 'Super Dance of the Famous'

2020 Celebrity Dance Champion Lucy Ramos has booked her place on the next stage of Celebrity Dance. Actresses Nelson Freitas and Carmo Dalla Vecchia danced to Foro and rock at Domingu de Faustau tonight. Nelson and Carmo finished second and third in the standings, respectively, and will face the bottom line.

Lucy, who started the picture emotionally and said she was nervous, scored 199.8 points. The jury paid tribute to the actress and Professor Leo Gomez, who today included names such as Carlinhos de Jesus and Carol Soares as the artistic jury, Alexandra Martins, Miguel Falabella and Sandra Annenberg – who made a spree – Not technical.

“I wouldn’t know who the professional dancer was if I didn’t know them. […] “If I can give it a 10+, now I understand why you won last year, you’re great, congratulations,” Falabella praised.

Nelson charmed the jury for his sense of humor and for his partnership with his teacher Paula Santos, scoring 119.6 points, and finishing second. “It was fun, I almost forgot to rate it! Congratulations to both of you,” Alexandra Martins said after the rocker’s performance of the duo.

Carmo and teacher Bruna Santos, who charmed Carlinhos de Jesus, finished with a score of 119.4, the lowest score of the three. The jury praised the actor for facing the tire four months after he underwent meniscus surgery for both knees.

Nelson Vitas and Carmo Dalla Vecchia will face Arthur Aguiar in the replay, Who had a problem with his spine and was unable to perform in the past Sunday. Lucy Ramos will dance next to her Marcelo Melo Jr. e Maria Joanna, who have qualified for the semi-finals in recent weeks.

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“Celebrity Super Dance”

The 18th season of Dança dos Famousos is special because it brings together great pairs from the history of the competition. This season, she performs three duets every week and needs to dance to two different rhythms.

Each week the winning pair will go directly to the semi-finals, while the other pairs will get another shot at the bottom line.

Participate in Super Dance of the Famous:

  • Arthur Aguiar and Tati Scarletti
  • Carmo Dalla Vecchia and Bruna Santos
  • Christian Torloni and Alvaro Reis
  • Claudia Ohana e Heron Lil
  • Dandara Mariana and Diego Maya
  • Juliana Didon and Igor Maximiliano
  • Lucy Ramos and Leo Gomez
  • Marcelo Mello Jr and Jack Ciucci
  • Maria Joanna and Marcos Viana
  • Mariana Santos and Alessio Bonazio
  • Nelson Freitas and Paula Santos
  • Odilon Wagner and Jasmine Marinho
  • Paula Oliveira and Leandro Azevedo
  • Robson Caetano and Beatriz Larat
  • Rodrigo Simas and Natalia Ramos
  • Sophia Abrahu and Zaza Ferrer
  • Thiago Abravanel and Natalia Zanin
  • Vivian Araujo and Adelton Ribeiro

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