Luciano Xavier shows off SPFW with a colostomy bag after eating

Luciano Xavier shows off SPFW with a colostomy bag after eating

Actor, businessman and model Luciano Xavier opened the designer Walério Araújo fashion show at the 52nd edition of SPFW (São Paulo Fashion Week) where he showed off his colostomy bag, The item I started using 4 months ago after complications from COVID-19.

The actor presented with the purpose of drawing attention to the issue of those with the same condition – National Day of People with ostomy It was celebrated last Tuesday (16).

Szafir asked the designer for a personalized costume to make the bag visible, as a way to combat prejudice against those with the stoma.

“I want to break intolerance and normalization and make people understand that the ostomy patient does not need to suffer denial. A normal life. Hopefully, this procedure will change the view that many still have about who uses the stoma bag,” says Szafir.

Luciano’s stay as an ambassador

The 52-year-old actress was admitted to Samaritano Hospital on June 22 After he tested positive for the coronavirus for the second time. The actor chose to enter the hospital after he felt the first symptoms.

Luciano underwent emergency surgery on July 7 After complications caused by the virus. He was transferred to Copa Star Hospital one day after the operation.

After moving Luciano’s daughter Sacha Mengele, an ambassador with Lieutenant Colonel Zuksa, He cut short his honeymoon and returned to Brazil to follow his father’s painting.

The ambassador was only released at the end of July and has been working to recover from his illness ever since.

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