Luciano Hack made a mistake and criticized after citing the weight of Marlia Mendona

Luciano Hack made a mistake and criticized after citing the weight of Marlia Mendona
Marlia Mendona and Luciano Hack (Photo: Reproduo/Instagram/TV Globo)

This last Sunday (11/08),

Luciano Hack

Made a slip in honor of the singer

Marlia Mendonna

, who passed away on Friday (November 5), when commenting on the weight of Sartaniga and her friends




. The comment came when he called up the trio’s post on Sunday a few weeks ago.

“I was remembering now. It’s been three weeks since I’ve been with the three on stage. Three weeks. He actually got to half of the three on stage, because all three were skinny.”

, the presenter announced the surprise of the netizens.

“One of the most absolute things, Luciano Hack, in his tribute to Marlia Mendonna, recalls Mayara and Marisa’s #Sunday participation three weeks ago, unnecessarily talking about their weight: ‘Actually I was only half of the three in the theater, they were skinny'”

, vent f on the social network.

“I would honestly like to understand what it is about women’s bodies that Luciano Hack put in ‘The Three Skinny’ in reference to MM, Maiara and Maraisa. On a show that’s basically a movie”

, swipe another Internet user.

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The attraction had many private posts, among them one of the





, who sang country songs in the video. Strong recorded from the United States where the song lives ”

Everyone will suffer.”

, composed by

Larissa Ferrera


Isaiah Jr.


Diego Silvera


Renault Boita

. y


gave a plate of

“I want you the way you want it”

, signed by sertaneja with the duo





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