Lucas Souza withdraws from the competition and is eliminated

Lucas Souza withdraws from the competition and is eliminated

On Wednesday afternoon (22), Lucas Sousa withdrew from A Fazenda 2023 (record).

Pedestrians were notified of the influencer’s departure at the end of the afternoon. After Lucas spent more than an hour missing.

The notice broadcast on television said: “Pawn Lucas Sousa has surrendered and is out of the game. Pack your bags and put them in the pantry. The game continues as normal for you.”

What happened?

Jack got worried and started looking for the pawn all over the house.

The girl was lying on the couch when she noticed her boyfriend had disappeared.

on condition“I think he got in.”

Then the former BBB started searching the rooms for him.

After that, all PlayPlus signals were directed to the empty treehouse.

A sign reading “We’ll be back shortly” was added to the sign and the signal was restarted about 5 minutes later.

When the signal came back, Jack and Andre – Lucas’s allies – appeared sitting in front of the door, looking worried.

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