Lucas Loco announces the suspension of work and shocks by revealing the reason for the decision

Lucas Loco announces the suspension of work and shocks by revealing the reason for the decision

On this day, Thursday 7 Lucas LocoThe 32-year-old took to social media to tell his fans that he is taking a break from his career in order to take care of his health.

Lucas Loco (clone/Instagram)

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The singer revealed that he suffers from BAD (Bipolar Affective Disorder).

“The statement I ask you to read carefully.”

“Hello everyone, how are you? This year 2023, I have had to issue a memo twice to justify postponing and canceling some shows and rearranging and fighting the schedule due to the various and multiple commitments that my current companies have,” they asked. “I had many attacks during the year, but on November 7th they became very severe, and from then on I was symptom-free for only three days out of those thirty.” I started.

“I was already undergoing some type of therapy and now I decided to look for a specialist, who in my case completely changed the approach to help me settle down,” she said. He said.

“I’m sure I’ll be able to get through this, but I need a few days at home so I can recover and feel good about this change. I love everything I do, and I love my job, on and off stage.” “But sometimes TAB can limit me a lot, that’s why I need this short break. I apologize to the people who were going to the shows this weekend, I’m sorry, but I have to be 100% for my son, for the theater, for the company and to achieve dreams and goals.” Which I still have to achieve.” I continued.

“You know, there are open wounds that are not visible to our eyes, but they are still very painful. Be kind to everyone, because you never know what that person is going through behind the scenes, and many of them, when they leave the house, pick a mask to wear. That’s it.” “Kisses, Lucas.” I finish.

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