Lubianco: ‘Pain’ and ‘Inspiration’ define Phi Kui Kula in honor of Paulo Gustavo – GQ

Lubianco: 'Pain' and 'Inspiration' define Phi Kui Kula in honor of Paulo Gustavo - GQ

Between laughter and tears of longing, a special episode of “go what glue‘(Multishow) in honor of eternity Paulo Gustavo, airing on Saturday (30th), promises to stir many (and varied) emotions in viewers and fans of the comedian.

Louis Lubianko, 39, talk to GQ Brazil On how to get up the stage to score the ninth season premiere of Comedy series Brazilian. The production, which has been dubbed “Faldo’s Last Coup”, will be a kind of homage to the comedian, who Died at 42 years victim COVID-19 In May of this year.

“It was very important that this episode was. Everyone went through this loss, which was and still is very difficult and painful. What I think was very powerful and even beautiful, is that for the first time we went through this together,” Lubianco said on the phone.

At the height of the second wave of Covid-19, the departure of Paulo Gustavo shocked Brazil. Although he had been trying to recover from his illness for several months, everyone believed in his recovery. “Everyone lived this lonely mourning, without being able to embrace each other,” the Porta dos Fundos actor continued.

For Lobianco, the unprecedented episode was an opportunity to confront the pain, but also to celebrate the inspiration that Paulo Gustavo brought to humor – he was heavily involved in the show, especially at its inception, in 2013.

Cast: Fei Kui Kula, left to right: Luis Lubianco (Regignel); Samantha Schmutz (Jessica); Katharina Abdullah (Donna Jo); Cocoa Protásio (Terzinha), Marcus Majella (Ferdinando) and Marcelo Médici (Sanderson) / (Photo: Fabrizia Granatieri / Multishow)

Among the things that were greatly affected by participating in the project, Lubianco cited the admiration he feels for the cast, made up of Catherina Abdallah, Marcus Magella, Samantha Schmutz, Cocoa Protasio, Silvio Guindan, Marcelo Medici, Paolo Serra, and other big names. In Brazilian humor.

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“Everyone was really brave. It’s really hard to get into the studio to make you laugh in a situation like this. When you’re not feeling well, you don’t want to laugh or be scared, technically it’s understanding magic.”

“I came to see my colleagues in a different way, and I also began to look at humor in a more noble way. Without it [humor]We are not going to achieve much during this pandemic.”

Paulo Gustavo’s birthday is a day of humor

Paulo Gustavo (Photo: Bob Wolfensohn)

Paulo Gustavo (Photo: Bob Wolfensohn)

This Saturday (30), in addition to Paulo Gustavo’s birthday – who will turn 43 – is also State Humor Day. The date was officially set by the state of Rio de Janeiro in honor of the contribution made by the comedian. In addition, Romeo and Gael’s father acquired a street named after him in Niteroi, the city where he was born and raised.

Paulo will also be honored at the 2022 Carnival. With the plot theme “Minha Vida É uma Peça”, the São Clemente samba school will celebrate the actor’s art and life.

Rua do Paulo Gustavo in Niterói, RJ (Photo: reproduction)

Rua do Paulo Gustavo in Niterói, RJ (Photo: Guilherme Venaglia/reproduction)


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