Luann Santana will open for Rio as the festival’s first country singer · TV News

Luann Santana will open for Rio as the festival’s first country singer · TV News

Luann Santana will be the first country singer to perform at a rock band in Rio. Roberto Medina, founder of the festival as well as founder of the São Paulo band The Town, wants to join other bands with different musical styles, such as Korean pop. The businessman does not care about criticism from rock fans, and says that his mega events have always been aimed at different audiences.

In 2017, Medina was pressured to invite Anita to rock in Rio, which happened just two years later. The funk singer even performed at the Portuguese version of the event, but went on to say she would “never set foot at the festival again.” She accused Medina of adding Brazilian singers so that it would not end up being “cancelled”.

Putting the country singer on Rock in Rio or The Town was a goal, the producer explained. “I wanted to invite Luann Santana, I don’t know why we couldn’t. But he will definitely be here or at Rock in Rio. Today there is no longer space for brands. Luann is country music, but he is also pop. “, he defended in an interview with Billboard Brasil.

Roberto Medina added: “Luann has a great performance, a great track. In fact, I invited him to watch some of The Town’s shows with me.”

He also intends to feature K-Pop artists, a music genre that originated in South Korea, in future editions of The Town. “There were supposed to be one or two K-pop attractions this year, but negotiations didn’t go ahead. But it’s on my radar. Mainly for events in São Paulo, where it’s more successful than in Rio,” he said. pointing to.

I always knew that to reach an audience of 1.5 million people, it had to be an inclusive project in terms of age and style of music. There has always been this musical diversity at the festival. But a lot has changed in 38 years. The big bands are getting older, which makes it more difficult to get players here.

“The Brazilian scene has grown so much that I am thinking of dedicating a day dedicated only to artists here. Today, the stadiums of Gao and Ludmila are filled. Finally, the Sunset Theater showed that there is room for musical diversity today,” concluded the businessman.

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